Just be “YOU”

We all or at least the people born in the 80s, like me, have grown up hearing this question,

What you want to be when you grow-up?

and every time I faced this question, I used to feel very puzzled and I had different answers to it every time, ranging from a Doctor to a Fighter pilot to a mountaineer. Now since I had my next generation in front of me, I thought it becomes my chance to throw this question. So, one fine day I asked this question to my loving daughter and the response that I got, gave me a food for thought.

Sunday afternoons are usually slow and that is when I get a chance to grab some siesta and relax a bit from my demanding schedule. However, that is when my affectionate daughter also gets a chance to catch up with me. So, I always have to make a choice whether to take a nap or spend some “alone time” with her, as my wife has a ritual of afternoon nap, which nobody dares to come in between. Since I had come back last evening only from my week-long travel to Coimbatore, I decided to get some rest. But as the fate would have it, she comes to me and inaudibly says something, mindful of the fact that her mother doesn’t like to be disturbed while she’s asleep. I, half-asleep tried to decipher what she wanted, asked her to repeat, now this time carefully watching her hand and lip movements, understood her. She wanted to ask me if she can watch TV for some time. We want our children to be honest and obedient, but who knows it comes at a cost of your priceless afternoon nap. Nonetheless, I immediately gave my OK for TV, making sure my slumber is intact. She immediately went out and switched-on TV. 

I lay in bed, trying to sleep again, but I always had this problem, once woken up from sleep it is really difficult get back. After about 10-15 minutes of tossing here and there, I came out to see she’s completely glued to TV and enjoying her favorite show, “Peppa Pig”. I really loved the smile on her face, after a while she realized that I have come out and not sleeping anymore. She jumped and came to hug me, which she keeps doing, umpteen times a day and I love it every single time.

I sat beside her enjoying the look on her face and suddenly started day-dreaming about what happens when she grows up, etc. I don’t know what came to my mind when I asked her, 

what do you want to be when you grow up?

 I had never expected to hear this kind of an answer. She very gullibly and almost immediately answered, 

can I not be just me, even when I grow-up?”.

I was not at all prepared for this answer, I was expecting to hear a similar kind of an answer like a doctor or an engineer or something of the sort that I have grown up with.

What came as an innocent answer, started a chain of thoughts in my mind. 

should I prepare her for the real world?

is she too naïve to face the harsh realities of this world?

have we not been making her aware of truths?

is she living in a fantasy world?

We all keep hearing the phrase, “there’s a lot to learn from children” and my 7-year old (now almost 9 years old) is no exception to it. That day she taught me to “be real” for real. It’s in fact important to always be yourself and love what you are. I guess, in this rat race we have apparently forgotten “what we are?” and “who we are?”. I really thank her for bringing me back to basics.

29 thoughts on “Just be “YOU”

  1. Left in jitter! as said by sammy yeh dil mange more. we really need to learn from children, and be actually what we are. even today the question haunt us where do you want to see yourself in next 5 year. i mean i think the blog is answer to it, i would like to be where are belong at my true and honest self!

    Efforts are visible in every line, from building the context to describing the entire thought keeping in mind not to make lengthy. Real success is when you leave people with more thoughts and wanting more. you nailed it bro!

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  2. Very well written…as the writing detaling literally brings out a picture in mind.

    “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

    Is the ultimate question faced by everyone.

    “can I not be just me, even when I grow-up?”.

    And the answer is the most inncoent hence truthful.

    But as a friend, if i may take the liberty of being a critic and say that the writing in the end left me wanting more thoughts (in writing) from you.

    So would wait for another blog with more deep thoughts that would also be relatable. 😊

    But all in all a good start for a blog

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  3. Truly beautiful. We are the only generation who always listened to their parents and now kids also.

    Also I believe, kids are the best ones to learn from.

    I loved reading every word and rightly said by your daughter…”let’s learn to be ourself”.

    Happy writing!!!

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    1. You are right Steve, we in fact are the most obedient generation that followed parents while growing up and now follow their kids too.😀
      But jokes apart, yes kids are truly the best ones to learn from.


  4. Very well written Amit…. I can totally empathize with it. It’s so true, every single day we get to learn something new from these little ones. Their innocent replies and queries, always leaves us with something to ponder about.
    Keep writing. Looking forward to another one ☺️

    Best regards,

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  5. Well written thoughts & expressions..

    I loved the ending as it is natural and left me thinking that one day when my 3 yr old will get to age & tells me something how m I gonna react.. or will I be clueless…

    I hope ur next blog comes up with a thought about what Pavika said…


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  6. I really like n infact correlate to it… Its more important to be ourselves first…we do many things for our love ones and sometime to impress others but it’s very important to be yourself n do something which we love to do..which gives us happiness….I belive we can give others what we have….so have happiness for urself first n then only one is possible to share it with others….

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  7. Wonderfully writing Amit.
    I have the same thought daily, are we preparing our kids for real world and than it occurs are they not too young for real world right now.

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  8. I loved the blog and could relate to it so much. Even I feel sometimes she is so naive how do I prepare her for this world. I am still looking for an answer.

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    1. I think the answer is “to prepare our next generation to be themselves” Let them find out their passion and discover what’s their calling rather than telling them to be what we want them to be.


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