Pen to a Pencil

A friend of professionals and all the high-profile; 
I adorn the pocket of big-shots with my flashy style. 
Gel, fountain or roller-ball, varieties are many; 
Fancy your choice, and pick up any.
Command reflects in my inscription that’s permanent; 
My range of colours truly makes the work vibrant.
“Pen is mightier…” everyone says and believes; 
My mettle is proven that everyone agrees.
I listen to you my beloved friend; 
Really pleased with your self-commend.
Being with bunch of corporates gives you a high; 
Artists and painters need my steady supply.
If number of options is your thrill; 
Think of shading or crayons and the hues they fill.
Perhaps your writing is permanent; 
Not to forget that change’s the only constant.
What I write can certainly be erased; 
I’m learner’s first choice without any debate.
“Might of writing…” worshipped like deity; 
Modelling the thoughts is “OUR” identity. 
We’re so different but still the same; 
Serving to express that’s our aim.

4 thoughts on “Pen to a Pencil

  1. Amazingly written in a very different way. This clearly shows your finace on pening down your thoughts…on a lighter note, here also ‘pen’ comes in the picture. My favourite line could be – “Might of writing…” worshipped like deity; Modelling the thoughts is “OUR” identity.
    Eagerly waiting for your next Amit! Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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