Celia and Archie

…. “I can’t think of my day without Archie. We have such a unique relationship,” she said …. the wait got over and Archie met Celia. Celia told him about how her previous day went and so did Archie… Continue reading Celia and Archie


“Who told you to “drag” it? You can always put a “Full-Stop”, if you don’t feel it is going anywhere.” She grabbed a towel and continued, “you are either “in” or “out”, be 100% a part of it or part your ways; and now please don’t give me that crap that he’s my childhood friend and all that non-sense. I know that you guys are friends since you were in 3rd standard; however, what I also know is that you both have grown apart and both of you should also accept the fact.” Continue reading Friendship