French Toast

Cooking is usually handled by my wife, not because I am sexist, but mainly because of two reasons, the first being she is an excellent cook and do you still need the second reason? 😀

One evening, while we were about to go to bed, my wife asks me if I can make bread omelette tomorrow for the breakfast, to which off-course I said yes (Did I have any other option 😀😀). While two of us were discussing about our breakfast menu, my loving daughter overheard us and asked if she can have “French toast” in the breakfast. Even before I could respond, my dear lady answered on my behalf, “since papa is going to make the breakfast, you can have bread omelette and I’ll make you French toast some other day.” I was like “what?” I immediately responded, “Why can’t I make a French toast?” Now, to cover up she said since you make superb bread omelette that’s why I said so. Although she tried to be as convincing as possible still, I wasn’t convinced at all. I said, “You need to tell me, what makes you think I can’t make a French toast?”

After a minute of me nudging her, she gave up and said “you please make French toast only”. Now that she had agreed, I tried to act pricey and kept saying “I will not make it as you don’t think I can make it, I’ll prepare bread omelette only”

After a lot of back-and-forth arguments, finally, I agreed upon making French toast for the breakfast. I silently felt, “yes I have won the battle, what she thinks can’t I make it.” Little did I know about the reverse psychology being played on me.

Next morning, as decided, I got ready to prepare the breakfast. I had brought the eggs and the bread while coming back from my morning walk. I consciously gathered all the ingredients without making any mistake. Usually, half of my time goes in gathering the right ingredients.

I remembered my bachelor days and started to prepare from what I could recollect regarding the French toast. After carefully following all the steps, I finally made it. Since I was not very confident about the outcome, I tried to cover it up with the presentation. My corporate experience says “whatever it is, presentation has to be great”. So, putting together the learnings from my bachelor days and from my corporate experience, I eventually handed over the plate to my dear lady. Though, I wanted to see her expressions while eating it, I couldn’t; as the other lot that was on the gas stove would have got burnt, so without taking any chances I came back to kitchen.

After a moment, I came back with another set of servings and what I heard was music, “this is the best French toast I have ever had”. Just to be sure about her opinion, I asked her if she really liked it or she’s just pulling my leg. She assured that she really meant it. I was elated when I heard my daughter also saying that she really loved it. By the way, she’s quite choosy in terms of food.

After both of them enjoyed their breakfast, my wife comes and says, “hey, please tell me how did you make it, they were super soft and wow really tasty.” While I was about to answer, she stopped me and said “no, leave it, I don’t need to know, because you only are going to make it next time onwards”. Though it was a compliment, but I don’t know why I didn’t like it. 😀😀

10 thoughts on “French Toast

  1. Whatever it is, the presentation has to be great”. Wow! What a deep analysis..😊. It can very well relate with garnishing the dish before serving. After your reading, my belief became stronger that why coriander holds its own place in the Indian kitchen😁

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