Celia and Archie

There was a beautiful flower named Archie and a butterfly named Celia. They were extremely close to each other. Celia would go every day to Archie and enjoy its luscious nectar and feel a divine vigour in herself.

Archie was predominantly yellow in colour however with different shades of yellow at various places. Those shades of yellow would transform into a completely distinct colour, depending on the amount of light falling on it and interestingly, its yellow colour would turn into golden during the evening hours.

Celia had a mix of light and dark yellow. In the centre, the wings were more of lemon in colour and towards the edges they had more of a fiery gold colour. They both had two things in common, one certainly was the colour, and the other was that they both would wait for the day to start so that they can meet.

One morning, Celia left her abode and started flying towards Archie. “I can’t think of my day without Archie. We have such a unique relationship,” she said to herself. While she was engrossed into her thoughts, she bumped into Spiro. She was an exotic bird which had recently migrated to their location. Spiro asked Celia, “Where are you going?” even before Celia could answer, Spiro said, “you must be going to Archie.”

Celia got startled to listen to this and said, “How do YOU know?”

“Everybody knows,” said Spiro

Celia joyfully turned her eyes towards Archie’s place. She opened her mouth to say something but stopped suddenly and then after a pause said, “What are YOU up to? I mean where are you heading?” to which Spiro said,” as you know, I live on dead leaves and flowers, so just searching something for my breakfast.”

“Ok, great! Have a wonderful day.” Celia said and started towards Archie’s place, without even waiting for Spiro’s response.

Finally, the wait got over and Archie met Celia. Celia told him about how her previous day went and so did Archie. Celia also told Archie about the conversation she had with Spiro, and how everybody talks about their companionship.

Archie asked, “you come from the east end of the park, right?”

Celia’s expression changed on listening to this abrupt question

Archie – Sorry, its completely out of context, but just asking

Celia – Yes, I come from that side only, but why do you ask?

Archie – While reaching to me, didn’t you notice something?

Celia – Notice something? Like what?

Archie – a n…

Celia interrupted Archie and said – don’t tell me, you are talking about that new flower

Archie – Yes, I am

Celia – Yes, while coming to you, I did notice a new flower blooming. I had a glance.

Archie – No, you must check that out. I have heard that it is really beautiful

We hold a terrific association and we both know that, but this can’t go on forever

Celia – What do you mean?

Archie – You very well know

Celia – No, I don’t

Archie – Please Celia, Tomorrow, you are going to that flower and that’s final

Celia – Don’t force me. Please

Archie – No, that’s final Celia. Also, promise me, you’ll come to me after that and share everything about your encounter with your new friend.

Celia didn’t say anything.

Archie – Don’t think too much Celia. I am sure you’ll have fun together.

Next day Celia wakes up and starts flying towards the park. On the way towards the park, she recalls her last conversation with Archie, she deliberates about it and decides to go to that flower before she visits Archie.

While on the way towards the new flower she notices Spiro again, and this time she tries to dodge her, as she makes her feel uncomfortable. After a while, when Celia is about to reach this new flower, she realises that Spiro, instead of coming straight towards her had gone straight. This makes Celia curious, and she thinks why she would evade her and take a different path. Celia knew Spiro as a very social bird and noticing that she went straight instead of coming to her, appeared quite strange to her.

Celia kept thinking about this uncanny action of Spiro and kept flying towards the new flower. When Celia was about to reach to that flower, Spiro’s words echoed in her mind, “I live on dead leaves and flowers.”

“DEAD” Flowers.

“Oh My God”

She immediately turned towards Archie and saw his petals falling. She felt sad and happy both at the same time. Sad to see her companion dying and happy to be with him in his last time.

Celia – Now I know, why you were pushing me to go to that flower

Archie – I couldn’t have told you that I am dying. I didn’t want to make you feel sad.

Archie – Anyway, you tell me about your experience. Have you both become friendly?

Celia – I didn’t go there. The moment I realised Spiro heading towards you, I immediately turned and reached here.

While Celia was speaking, she noticed his rest of the petals also collapsing. She wasn’t sure what was the last thing that he could’ve heard. She felt sad to see her companion going away but knew that this was inevitable.

She flew back to her shelter with a heavy heart. Before falling asleep, she kept thinking about Archie, and how before leaving this world, he introduced the way forward to her. She said to herself, “how thoughtful Archie was!”

“Though he was dying, he thought about me and my life after he dies.”

“Had he not spoken to me about that flower, I would’ve got lost, wondering where to go.”

Next morning, she got up and already knew where to go.


7 thoughts on “Celia and Archie

  1. Bit emotional, quite uncomfortable to our routine. On same hand talks about life, the way we meet people in life they become integral part of your daily routine and all of sudden you are no longer meeting them.

    But yet we are closely connected and the moment we are re-connect even on phone, it seems just yesterday evening we parted and went our homes to come back and see each other (sadly that is not happening)

    Made me think about own feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, incredible relation ….
    Life… friendship …and most important giving strength to your friend/partner to move on in life….
    Incredible was expecting this whole reading the story but didn’t expect the message *Moving on*
    Once again superb story Amit, thanks for sharing it dear..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bitter but true and once again one thing emerges from this that nothing is permanent in this world. Even if we don’t want to, we have to be separated from our loved ones. Time doesn’t stop…. Nicely expressed 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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