You are the treasure that I always keep;
Locked in the chambers of my heart deep.
Captured lovingly in time’s embrace;
Etched forever at the rightful place.

Some of you are sparkling gems;
Glimmering with joy in the magical den.
Some of you are like bittersweet dream;
I wish to fade like mist in a stream.

You are like my secret friends;
Your warmth and love never ends.
I take you out from time to time;
And in your embrace, I forget to whine.

Sweet, nostalgic, warm and magical;
Cherishable, loving, vivid and mystical.
Your uncanny powers appear to be divine;
That gives me a high without wine.

Let’s embrace our memories with care;
And keep them close, always there;
For they are the treasures of our past;
And the light that will forever last.

Meri Writings


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