Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen” the name itself makes me nostalgic. It brings back the fond memories of those “fun-filled” and “carefree” School Days.
I was pretty clear with my choice of buying that “plain white” pen with a “blue dot” on its cap.

SMART Lives 2030

While they were about to move-on after depositing four smart phones, one tab, three smart watches, two smart necklaces and two smart-belts, the girl in yellow pointed towards Akshay’s “smart” eye-wear, to which he replied that he suffers from myopia and just can’t do without glasses.

Funny Language

I checked with lot of people, however, did not get any success cracking it. With days passing and not being able to find out the answer, I was feeling like getting closer to my annual review without being prepared for a question like, “what were your achievements in the last year?” 😊 😊