Celia and Archie

…. “I can’t think of my day without Archie. We have such a unique relationship,” she said …. the wait got over and Archie met Celia. Celia told him about how her previous day went and so did Archie… Continue reading Celia and Archie

The Blinking Street Light

Have you ever encountered something that you find difficult to explain? I am sure all of us have had our share of experiences from varied situations which are beyond explanation. Ghost stories and paranormal tales are quite common, but every once in a while we come across an anecdote that defies explanation. Continue reading The Blinking Street Light


Their biscuits are simply divine and the plum cake that they make is out of the world.
When I came back, I got really surprised to see that though he had finished his tea, he had not even touched the biscuits, and for somebody like me who adores biscuits, it was quite astonishing. I couldn’t stop myself and therefore asked him why did he not eat the biscuits; to which he replied saying he didn’t eat them because he will be taking those biscuits for his kids. I couldn’t believe to what I had just heard him saying. Something as insignificant as a few biscuits can have so much importance that he was saving them for his children. Continue reading Biscuits